Management Statement

Our vision is to enable people to get the quality product at an affordable price with the kind of service they expect from a company. We are passionate about customers. Every time we have contact with a customer, our aim is to deliver an excellent experience. We’re working to meet the needs that customers have today and innovating to meet the needs they will have tomorrow.




The founders of minotrade Ltd have extensive experience in market research, product localization, marketing, logistics, distribution and retailer management. Located in UAE and Switzerland, our team is committed to serve our clients by building a close partnership that fosters continuous expansion and success.





Our business goal is to establish an international reputation as a leading company of new and innovative consumer electronic and multimedia products. Moreover, in order to meet the great demand of our customers, we strive to provide premium quality products to ensure the success and satisfaction of our customers. We strive to continuously introduce innovative and advanced products. By achieving economies of scale, we committed to deliver the high quality of products at competitive prices, associated with a stable supply of products and comprehensive after-sales services for our long-term customers.